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Taking your offline business online – We Are Adventurers case study

Businesses, which predominantly run their daily operations by providing a face-to-face service, are currently faced with a new challenge. Whether that be a gym, fitness facility, a cafe or restaurant, their service or product, which provided everyday value to people’s lives, cannot be delivered the way it used to.


A different approach 

Now is the time to start thinking about how you can shift the service your business provides so that you can still offer that same expertise and knowledge to your customers and target audience. 

While this will be a temporary solution until your business can start running normally again, it is also a fantastic opportunity to broaden the scope of your services and create content that can still provide value and maybe even reach new people that you would have never thought about targeting before. 


The surge of online content 

People searching the internet has increased by 70% since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, with people spending 20% more time in apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

A report by statista, also revealed that 39% of people in the UK would be streaming more content online and 40% said they would be using social media more. 

There have been several examples of brands and influencers adapting to the current situation to provide a service and content to people so they can still be a part of their everyday routine. 

This includes Joe Wicks and his daily PE sessions on YouTube, Cadbury increasing its advertising spend on video content by over £100k per month, or Nike launching the Nike Training Club App providing free expert training tips and advice to those wanting to stay active during the lockdown. 


We Are Adventurers 

At Democracy we have been managing the social media channels of outdoor and adventure education provider, We Are Adventurers. Previously, this Manchester-based business operated by visiting local schools to provide after school and holiday clubs, inspiring children to learn through the great outdoors. Since the middle of March, this business has had to adapt the way they usually provide their knowledge and expertise. 

However, We Are Adventurers recognised an opportunity. While they were prevented from running face-to-face educational sessions, they saw the potential in utilising their online channels to deliver similar types of sessions.

Seeing a role in offering vital education to parents who are struggling to homeschool, they used their resources and expertise in outdoor learning to generate unique content for parents – at a time where parents needed help more than ever. 

This is where the We Are Adverturers Daily Challenge was born. 


The Daily Challenge 

From the first day that schools were closed in the UK, we have been creating daily challenge videos posted directly to the We Are Adventurers Facebook page to engage children and parents alike.

These are a series of short videos no longer than three minutes long, with an activity that can be carried out in the house or in the garden. The videos still maintain the same ethos that the usual sessions would entail in a school or at a holiday club: to inspire children to learn through the great outdoors.

With a slight change of approach and moving to online education sessions, they managed to maintain the uniqueness and expertise of their brand, where the personalities of the staff and the enjoyment of the activities are still very much at the forefront of the service. 

As a result of posting a new video on Facebook every day since the start of the lockdown, the channel has seen a 10% increase in followers in one month. And, with the aid of Facebook ads targeting teachers and parents in the local areas of Manchester, the videos have reached over 140,000 people to date.

Through a fast and agile reaction to the changing circumstances, We Are Adventurers have still been able to reach new people and position themselves as a valuable source of content for parents that are looking for ways to keep their children occupied at home – becoming a vital part of their daily routine. 


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