Men 50% More Likely To Take Car Gamble

Of the 3,000 people asked in the study by 22% of men had driven knowing they had poor brakes, 21% with bald tyres and 14% without a valid MOT, making their insurance void in treacherous icy conditions. Although half as likely to take risks, 23% of women will drive their cars with problems like broken bulbs and chipped windscreens.

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Half of Brits will ‘Round Dodge’ this Christmas

52% of Brits will use blatant tactics to try and get out of paying their fair share at the bar this Christmas according to research out today.

The study of 3,000 Brits commissioned by Scruffs Workwear indicates that despite being the most popular way of buying drinks, 55% of men and 49% of women admit to trying underhanded ‘round-dodger’ tactics on a night out with friends, colleagues or parents.

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