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Social Media … a love affair?

Being a virgin blogger, I thought that I should stick to a subject I know about. So that would be mountain biking. I know what the guys are thinking, what…not social media? Not PR or popular culture? Well I do still listen to Radio ‘bore’ and as I keep saying to ‘those guys’ it’s good to temper their youth and enthusiasm with some age and experience!

Better get back on [the metaphorical not single] track here if blogs aren’t supposed to wax lyrical and morph into a dissertation.

So I thought I could take a look at how technology and social media has evolved my mountain biking experience. Well first off, I read a review of the trail on t’internet, then used my sat nav to get there.

Then comes the sweet bit. Updated my Facebook status, received a couple of likes and comments. On arrival checked into the visitors centre; yep you doubters in the office – I am now using Four Square. Nobody had explained to me how cool it was. Able to score points, win badges, a bit like geocaching for girl scouts.

Ah geocaching.  Whilst on my ride I was able to plant one for our client @duerrs1881. And even email my colleague from the car park what I had done and where, in fact got the co-ordinates on my BlackBerry.

And now I can post this blog via a tiny URL on Twitter, on Facebook, on Linked in.  Wish somebody had told me all about this stuff sooner! ;o) [for those of you who don’t know that’s my catchphrase in the office].

All I need to do now is upgrade the Blackberry to an iPhone and I can start using trailguru.com , will it never end…..

In fact I think it has only just begun.  Pretty good start for a once-luddite.  Still trying to decide if social media has, indeed, taken over my life.  And for my four year old son, no doubt it will be a way of life. Much like being a mother, once you have fallen in love with it, there is no going back.


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