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Sherlock, iPlayer and the BBC

The BBC aired the remake of the classic tales of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson this Sunday, and Democracy Towers buzzed about it on Monday morning so much, that I caught up on iPlayer on Monday night.

Written by Stephan Moffat (the chap who’s been creating a stir with Dr Who), the fast paced excitement was brought bang upto date with blogs and geo location using smart phone technology all used as the plot evolved.

The evolution of the Sherlock Holmes story from the dark and murky streets of Victorian London to the modern world of laptops, mobile phones and carefully watched streets is a revelation and proves that well written stories featuring well developed personalities can be made as relevant today as they’ve ever been.

After a speedy romp through the back streets of London, the killer was caught by ….. as if i’m going to reveal that(!). Just like the adaptation of Sherlock, the BBC continues to meet the changing viewing habits of the public with their catch up service on iPlayer (thank goodness).

Today the press is awash with rumours that our growing online catch up consumption may cause the BBC to change their license fee structure. The existing model relies on us having a TV in our living rooms …. and if internet streaming takes off, they’ll be asking the government to protect them through legislation.

Any change to the license fee tends to create uproar Рbut if we can all embrace the evolution of  Sherlock into a modern day super sleuth, then maybe we can accept that the BBC, after 60 years, may have to do the same.


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