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September 8, 2014

New finger scanner launched


If you are struggling with too many passwords and fear that, after the icloud hack, remembering them may just be useless anyway, the answer could have arrived. Banking giant Barclays has unveiled a personal finger vein scanner that has a USB connection and enables users to securely access their online accounts. Available from 2015 to corporate customers initially, this could be the next step in online security. More here.

Facebook in new privacy push


Privacy is the buzzword of the online world this week after ‘that’ celebrity photo hack. To counter its own critics, Facebook is doing its bit to reassure users of their security set up, with the introduction of a new security check-up, starring this cute blue dinosaur.

Users of Facebook on desktop devices will see the dino appear and push them through a multi-step privacy checkup that reminds who they share statuses with, what apps they’ve given permissions, and what’s visible on their profile. Facebook has come in for flak about its default settings that allow some information into the public domain and that users have to switch off manually. Of course, the cynical could also say this is Facebook’s way of ensuring all personal information is up to date for their advertisers. More here.

Changes to Facebook ad settings


Staying with Facebook, the platform has made changes to its lucrative advertising service this month. The structure of campaigns, ad sets and ads has been tweaked. Now targeting can only be set at ad set level, meaning you set up ad sets by audience, rather than by creative types. While this is more structured, advertisers may face a lengthy process to uncover the individual ads that aren’t performing for them as it’s likely that the same ads will be contained in different ad sets. However, the pluses seem to outweigh the minuses in terms of better targeting and measurement. As ever, trialling and testing looks like the way to go. More here.

Take flight with twitter school


With so many changes to social media platforms, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why twitter has launched a training programme to keep agencies on the cutting edge. Called Flight School, it offers regular coaching and lessons in latest best practice for using advertising on the platform and maximising ad spend. Facebook, Google and even Buzzfeed already offer similar programmes. More here.

PayPal mobile kit gets new payment partners


PayPal has brought a new mobile payment device to market to help online traders take offline payments. Called the SDK (software development kit) it hooks into smartphones and allows the trader to accept credit card payments.

Rather than going direct to online businesses, what has made PayPal’s new device different is that it has been launched with partnerships with two organisations who are directly prodiving services to these companies –  GoDaddy and Ecwid. More here.





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