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September 15, 2014

The Apple Watch has landed…


In the biggest tech news of the week, Apple have finally released the iPhone 6 for pre-order, with a launch broadcast across the globe and on snapchat story. But the big news was the unveiling of Apple’s first smart watch. Fully compatible with iOS8, the Apple Watch eliminates the need to take out our devices to check our digital updates. But the most notable feature is its link up with Apple Pay which allows users to transfer data from one device to another ie. pay for items with their Apple Watch!


Say my name…


This week Groupon has released a survey showing that shoppers spend an extra £61 a year if the trader refers to them by name, either online or face-to-face. A quarter of those surveyed also said they would venture more into the high street if they were sure of a friendlier reception. In terms of consumer mailers and newsletters, this shows that it is as important as ever to choose a service that lets you personalise your message or offer. Even in this digital age, consumers still prefer the personal touch.


New apps this week – winners and losers


Anonymous messaging, and flash-messaging apps continue to be on the rise, with this week being no different. A school in South Carolina has recently embraced the technology and developed its own app to tackle bullying and help students feel safer.

Pupils can use the “Anonymous Alerts” app to tell teachers about any concerns they may have using their school issued iPad – an innovative and practical use for this kind of technology.

Facebook on the other hand, have launched a small pilot of its third attempt at a flash-messaging app, following Bolt and Slingshot. The new feature allows users to schedule their posts to delete in advance, with options of one hour to seven days. Is this just a poor attempt at cashing in on an already saturated market? Try again Facebook!


The Battle for the Net


Last week, thousands of sites including Netflix, Vimeo and Grooveshark took part in bid to stop America’s biggest cable companies slowing down (and breaking) their sites. Each site displayed simultaneous loading signs on their sites to spread awareness to the general public and future internet users. See what happened here:


Mobile technology adds catwalk twist


This week, Microsoft collaborated with London Fashion Week, offering a completely new insight into how smart technology is revolutionising the catwalk.

Designers teamed up with the tech giant to film and stream its show using smartphones, streaming the footage live on to a giant interactive pyramid which took centre stage on the runway.



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