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Sarah Hartley leaves the MEN

On Friday, through her blog and Twitter Sarah Hartley, one of the figureheads of Manchester’s Online scene, told her friends and followers that she has left the Manchester Evening News.

I first met Sarah in my first few weeks at the agency when she showed me the inner workings of the MEN for the day; a prize Jen had bid for at Manchester Twestival. Understandably the prospect of this day with hardened hacks was slightly terrifying but Sarah had it all planned out and I never sat down for a moment.

This was such a great way to get stuck in to the journalism scene of Manchester and since then I regularly see Sarah at various geek events from which she’s usually live-blogging or tweeting.

All the comments on Twitter and her blog reflect how instrumental she’s been in establishing the MEN’s online presence.

All the commenters also wish her every success in her new mystery venture and I for one am looking forward to what happens next.


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