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Millennial DIY-ers create Homes & Interiors “Gold Rush”

LOCKDOWN has seen the emergence of a new, younger generation of people picking up a paint brush, screwdriver or hammer for the first time to tackle DIY projects.

Steve Collinge, executive editor of Insight DIY, spoke to Democracy insight and strategy director Graeme McGilliard, about the new generation of DIY-ers that Democracy has discovered.

Democracy’s Getting To The Heart Of The New Home report, found that almost half of the under-25’s surveyed had made improvements to their living space since lockdown – creating a huge new population of potential customers for Homes & Interiors brands.

The smart brands are now already engaging with these younger consumers who are looking to improve their own spaces – and it’s working.

To find out how to reach them with the right message on the right platform at the right time, watch the full interview with Steve and Graeme below. 

The report

The findings discussed in the interview form part of Democracy’s Getting To The Heart Of The New Home report, which can also be read in full here.



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