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Measurement in PR – the insight era

Once upon a time, measuring PR meant cutting out articles by hand and glueing them to an ever mounting pile of cuttings. The vanity metrics included the dreaded AVE, mostly measured with a ruler, and rarely went above circulation and insertion figures. If you know, you know…

BUT, a new dawn is here and data is king. With more insight at our fingertips than ever before, we’re able to delve deeper into our analysis and offer meaningful PR insights. This data driven approach pushes our communication strategies to ensure our coverage drives reputation and business results for our clients. 

So what should PRs be measuring to create meaningful reports and demonstrate the commercial value of their outputs?

Influence – How does this piece make your audience think? Is it in their most read media title? Appearing on their favourite social profile?

Impact – Will this connect with your audience emotionally? Do you stand out on the page above all competitors?

Effect – Will this drive people to engage? What is the meaningful call to action that the piece communicates? Can you track its journey?

Here at Democracy PR, we’ve developed an internal measurement tool, the Democracy Quality Score, that is tailored to each individual clients aspirations. There’s no one size fits all and each data group is analysed in line with what will have the most impact to our clients business objectives so they’re only ever getting reports that matter. 

A completely transparent service, we work closely with our clients to develop their dashboard making it easy for them to provide benchmarking and clean reports to their board. 

If you don’t love spreadsheets and algorithms, don’t worry, we do! Get in touch to see how we can deliver this for you on: abby@democracypr.com  


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