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Homework: Use Facebook for 2 hours.

I’m sure this week you’ll have read the news that Birmingham City University is to offer MA degree courses in social media, teaching students to use the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Bebo.

Being a final year student, this has been a hot topic around the campus.

Yet some of the resident students at Birmingham University have criticised the course, complaining that it offers nothing which couldn’t be self taught.

Being a student living in the ‘digital generation’ I understand more than most that using social media for PR, journalism and advertising is a different ball game to personal networking.

The rules, models and best practices are still being created.

Although a degree, with a set agenda at this moment would be a waste of time – a Masters with a great deal of research can only be a good thing.

There is still so much to be discovered about the online world, how communities work together and ideas are shared, that offering a forum for some of the best minds in PR and journalism to expand our knowledge seems like a good idea.

Who knows – I might even sign up!


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