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Have you seen SeeSaw?

Today sees the launch of the new online TV streaming service SeeSaw. The concept is that, in a similar way to Google it doesn’t create content, just aggregate it.

So there’s nothing on it that you couldn’t watch on the sites of the channels it streams, at the minute the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5, yet it’s all in the same place. The immediately useful feature is that you can select your content by channel, or by genre; so if you’re in the mood for something factual SeeSaw will offer you programmes originally broadcast on all channels.

It’s also visually very simple and easy to use, closer to BBC iPlayer than Demand 5 in design, and it seems to be using the same strategy as 4OD to get us to re-live great series like Teachers and Queer as Folk.

It’s free to view at the minute and funded by advertising, but according to its controller is planning to charge for some content, like US dramas, as it grows.

I can definitely see the possible uses of the service and am impressed with the design and ease of use, I guess it just remains to be seen, as usual with online services, whether it can attract loyal users and advertisers and make enough money to stick around.


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