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What The New Day experiment means for future of printed news

There is a copy of the final edition of The New Day on sale on eBay for £9.99. This is placing much higher value on the product than owners Trinity Mirror ever did.

Britain’s shortest lived national newspaper printed just 50 issues before calling it quits, the official reason given that it had failed to meet ‘expectations’ for circulation.

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However, what chance did the small editorial crew of around 25 staff journalists have when Trinity Mirror got every aspect of this project 100 per cent wrong?

Launched with very little fanfare or advance warning in order to build anticipation among its target female consumers, the paper first of all was free, then cost 25p and finally settled on charging customers 50p per issue.

However, who on earth would pay 50p for a product that – although trying to be different – lacked a single clear reason to buy.

If you wanted news, there was precious little of it; if you wanted sport, it was printed too early in the evening to carry last night’s match reports or even results; if you wanted features, far more provocative comment and subjects were being covered online or in the glossies and if you just wanted a little bit of everything in a quick read morning paper, the Metro did the job far better for FREE.

Despite all this, there was still solid belief that Trinity Mirror would persevere with its project for a good while, investing to let it build the audience they must have believed was out there and tweaking the paper along the way to give the readers what they wanted.

However, the plug being pulled after so short a time leaves serious questions around future investment in print journalism. Who will be brave enough to dream up a new launch again after this spectacular failure? Does New Day prove that the public simply aren’t interested enough in print any longer and it is, indeed, a dying medium simply living out its last years?

Maybe that £9.99 eBay purchase isn’t such a bad idea after all, as museums may one day consider The New Day a real collectors’ item.


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