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Five campaigns we loved in 2019

You could be forgiven for wanting to forget all about 2019 – it was certainly a turbulent year! But, before we rush head first into 2020 without taking anything with us, we think these campaigns definitely are worth remembering.

Cadbury and Age UK: melting the nations hearts 

In a heart warming campaign, the chocolate giant teamed up with charity Age UK, to highlight the impact of loneliness on our eldery population.  

With nearly a quarter of a million older people admitting they can go more than a week without speaking to someone and 1.4 million saying they struggle with loneliness, this is certainly an issue worthy of attention. 

The campaign brought the problem to life brilliantly, with Cadbury’s turning the packaging of their iconic Dairy Milk bars blank, and donating 30p from every sale to Age UK. 

The on-pack activation was supported with emotive video content

A simple, yet hugely effective piece of comms, which not only got people talking about the issue, but actually increased the likelihood of customers purchasing the product. 

Win, win. 

Carlsberg: pays to take a risk 

It pays to be brave. And Carlsberg really was with the campaign to launch their rebranded lager.

From the recipe itself to the brand, and even the recognisable colour scheme, everything changed. 

So, Carlsberg took a leap of faith, with the honest advert below that acknowledged their shortcomings and playfully introduced the new improved Carlsberg. 

The simple advert gave consumers a real reason to consider trying Carlsberg again – a job well done in our opinion. 

Greggs: it’s not quite what it seems

It’s Veganuary and surely you can’t have failed to notice. This year it seems like every brand is launching a vegan option.

But, in 2019, Greggs really got the jump on everyone else, with the announcement of their Vegan Sausage Roll. 

The meat-free rolls were sent out to key media in clever packaging that journalists would be more likely to associate with a well known mobile phone brand – making them a must open. And sure enough, everyone was trying them, and talking about them.

Supported by a simple but effective social campaign that made the sausage roll the star of the show, Greggs got everyone talking, and whether people agreed or not, they certainly knew about the new product. 

Fiji Water: stealing the show 

In a victory for a clever and confident stunt, Fiji Water took their sponsorship of January’s Golden Globes to the next level. 

A Fiji Water girl, revealed afterwards to be Kelleth Cuthbert, photobombed shots on the red carpet with her tray of Fiji Water bottles. 

She did a sterling job of keeping a straight face while standing behind some of the world’s most famous faces, staring directly into the camera, and completely stealing the limelight. 

Her presence grabbed the headlines around the world, elevating what could have been a sponsorship that blended into the background, into a key talking point. 

IKEA: tackling ‘home shame’ at Christmas 

Christmas can sometimes be a bit of a minefield. You’ve got a list as long as your arm, and if you’re playing host to family and friends, there can be pressure to have a festive feel in your home. The struggle is real. 

IKEA tapped into that ‘home shame’ many people may be feeling with a creative social media campaign. 

Partnering with, MC D Double E, they launched video content that saw the distinctive grime artist voice household ornaments and crockery that came to life to poke fun at a family’s tired home decor. 

The Silence the Critics series harnessed the popularity of grime in a memorable way to make sure that homeowners knew IKEA was the place to go to get their home party season ready. 

Bring on 2020

Despite a general feeling of doom and gloom, there really was lots to celebrate in great marketing and comms in 2019. We loved executing creative and impactful campaigns for clients last year and we can’t wait to do even bigger and better things this year! 


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