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Fascinating Facts

Social media is much more than just a Facebook page (although it’s a good start), there are many different ways of sharing your message and listening to what your public are saying about you.

Here’s a few ‘Fascinating Facts’ I’d like to share with you:

  1. There are 113m active blogs being monitored by Technorati. 1.6 million new posts are added every day, the equivalent to 18 updates a second
  2. 663k people download the BBC Radio 1 Chris Moyles podcast every month. 300k less than the ‘Best of Today’ from BBC Radio 4
  3. Two years ago – YouTube didn’t exist. Now it features more that 76m videos and 2.8m user channels
  4. The UK has 8.5m active Facebook users, 5m MySpace users and 4m Bebo users. The fastest growing Facebook demographic is the over 25s – and Bebo is the biggest network in Ireland and rapidly growing in Scotland.
  5. Skype’s 276m registered users around the world have clocked up 100 billion minutes using free Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls since 2003
  6. Wikipedia has 7m entries and over 6.5m people registered as “wikipedians” (check out sister site wikinews for collaborative citizen journalism)
  7. Flickr has 2 billion images online and 3 – 5m pictures are added every day (although Facebook has 4.1 billion photos on its site!)
  8. Micro-blogging is on the up. It’s predicted that 1m people are following Twitter

Your public are talking about you all over the web. Come on and join the conversation.


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