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Dear Topshop

It’s the age old Christmas dilemma… how to make subtle, yet obvious hints to your friends and family so that you get everything on your gift wish list instead of a boat load of smellies or socks.

Well, this year, Topshop has partnered with Pinterest to launch a campaign that encourages festive shoppers to create and submit their ultimate Christmas wish list – making a simple and visual list that will guide Santa in the right direction.

Shoppers will be able to find the perfect gift or festive outfit on the company’s website – and then the top pinned products will feature on the brand’s homepage, updated on a daily basis.


Shoppers will also be incentivised with the chance to win a raft of desirable prizes from shopping sprees and fashion week tickets to designing your own dream dress.

The campaign is set to be Topshop’s first Global Pinterest campaign and will include a real world to online strategy – with giant touchscreens in the London and New York stores and other stores featuring dedicated staff members wearing Topshop and Pinterest Tees and clutching iPads to talk people through the campaign.

A great example of a creative use of the platform to drive sales in the highly competitive festive season and a brilliant way for me to drop a hint to the hubby! 


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