Quora – the next big thing?

As the community grows and timelines, topics become increasingly congested the likelihood of this connectivity will decrease and I believe we’ll see user numbers slow and activity drop off from many current users. We shouldn’t discount the possibility of Quora devloping a stratified userbase too, with the top-table industry experts holding discussions amongst themselves.

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Sherlock, iPlayer and the BBC

The BBC aired the remake of the classic tales of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson this Sunday, and Democracy Towers buzzed about it on Monday morning so much, that I caught up on iPlayer on Monday night.

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Twestival 2010

In 2009 Twitter was for those who wanted to share and embrace ideas, ask for help or off load their frustrations about the projects they were working on, it was real people sharing real things in a virtual world. Twestival brought these people together and virtual relationships were cemented in real life. Many of the PR and media types were only just beginning to take the social media space seriously and a few uninitiated PR and marketing types hovered around the edges like fish out of water. (classical example, one PR agency but forwards a gadget as an auction prize that wasn’t MAC compatable – eek(!))

A year on, and we’re in HulaBar – the place is bustling as virtual relationships are cemented into real life. But the question is . . . . where are the Twitter fans of old? The event was full of PR people who are now firmly planted in the Twitter culture. I was asked by an interviewer my twitter name, why i use Twitter and my favourite celeb to follow – after admitting celeb followings isn’t really my thing the girl seemed to be at a loss.

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