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Call my bluff debuts on 6 Music

I blogged a little while ago on the internet being the new location to protest and ‘Save 6 Music’ fever is currently maintaining an impressive momentum after more than a week, which is years in internet time.

It struck me this week though that perhaps the BBC is engaging in a little round of one of its stalwart programmes of yesteryear and calling our bluff.

After years of battering by politicians and the press for being bloated, inefficient and a waste of public money the BBC couldn’t really be blamed for trying to make a point about the service they provide and the support they command.

If the BBC were to follow this strategy then 6 Music would be the perfect target. They couldn’t reasonably threaten to cancel Radio 4 or 2 but 6 Music has a niche enough listenership to be identified as an efficiency saving.

If the plan was to make as much fuss as possible then the listeners of 6 Music are perfectly placed to whip up an online storm; 30 something, affluent, likely to be tech-savvy. It’s an instant facebook group and trending hashtag.

So 6 Music ticks off the popular support angle allowing BBC News to write pieces referencing Facebook and Twitter, how about a spokesman, a figurehead, a champion? Well 6 Music has plenty of them and it has struck me as a little strange that ‘the talent’ have been able to speak out during their shows and to the press about the proposed closure. And if all else fails invoke the spirit of John Peel.

I for one love and treasure 6 Music, Cerys Mathews is a delightful addition to mid-morning and nothing beats Craig Charles’ Funk and Soul Show for heading out on a Saturday. If I wanted to make the rest of the country appreciate it I might just threaten to cancel it and see what happened…


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