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Brits waste over three months waiting at traffic lights

Drivers spend over three months of their lives stuck in traffic en route to work, according to research published today.

The survey of 2,000 Brits by webuyanycar.com reveals that by the end of a working week, traffic lights and other delays add an extra hour (58 minutes) to time spent in the car; an incredible 2,267 hours, or 3.1 months, over a person’s working lifetime.

On a 38 minute journey, drivers will encounter an average of nine (8.99) sets of traffic lights, one set every four minutes. These delays, along with other hold ups on the road, add an extra 11.57 minutes on to every journey.

webuyanycar.com revealed that Brits spend an average of 37.67 minutes in the car on any given weekday; 11.60% of people report that they spend an hour driving and an unlucky 5.65% admit to spending a whopping 120 minutes behind the wheel on a daily commute.

Drivers in Northern Ireland suffer most from delays on the drive to work with 14.02 minutes of hold ups every day, equating to 3.7 months over their lifetime, while lucky motorists in East Anglia lose just 2.6 months to red lights, roadworks and heavy traffic.

The survey highlighted that delays on the roads and stopping at traffic lights can have severe implications on road safety with 11.65% of drivers admitting that they regularly take risks to make up for this lost time.

Speeding was the most common misdemeanour (25.65%), followed by overtaking (15.60%) and speeding up while approaching subsequent sets of lights (11.75%). Some respondents even admitted to undertaking (7.35%), driving aggressively (8.15%) and taking corners at high speed (5.15%).

Despite the frustration of delays, it’s clear that Brits prefer traffic lights as a traffic management system – 43% of respondents favoured them compared to the 32% that plumped for roundabouts.

A spokesperson forwebuyanycar.com comments: “This research shows that we really do spend hours waiting for the lights to change. We all know it’s frustrating, but a worrying number of people are choosing to flout traffic rules in order to cut down their journey time. We urge people to really consider the safety of themselves and others when getting behind the wheel; to leave plenty of time for their journey, and to keep calm in all situations.”


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