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BarCamp Manchester 2

For those unaware of the whole BarCamp phenomenon, it’s a different way of people getting together to share information in an open environment.

The content comes from the delegates who are tasked with giving talks/demos, running workshops etc. Time slots are released in the morning of the event, with anyone who wants to present making a mad dash to register. Then all the delegates choose which sessions they want to go to.

This was my second BarCamp; I went to Leeds in November and met with some genius type people who all ‘got’ what was going on in the online world and who are now firm friends. So I had high hopes for Manchester.

My favourite talks were by Tom Scott (Facebook apps in 30 mins!), Daniel Morris of the BBC who chattted through how they were using new technology to market to teens and Simon Wheatley who gave an intro to WordPress.

What I love about BarCamp, is that there’s something for everyone and the guys there break information down into plain English (meaning anyone can follow) and they want to share what they know.

In the spirit of giving something back, I presented on something I know about: “How to become famous” to demonstrate that although the online world is where we’re going, the traditional media is still a big part of where we are.

A great day – only marred by a small ankle twisting incident during the after-party – heels, red wine and curbs proving a bad combination (big thank you to Dan and Guy from Adaptavist for taking care of me).

Roll on the next one, I can’t wait!


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