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AUGUST 26, 2014

Long live the (useful) app

ignore no more

Last week we reported that the popularity of apps has fallen. However the media interest around the launch of Ignore No More proves that if an app offers a much-needed solution, the demand remains. And the app definitely has a role in today’s society. Designed by a Texas mum, frustrated with her son ignoring her calls, it allows parents to lock their children’s phones until they pick up. Genius.

Statues speak up

Talking statue

Statues in London and Manchester will be given a voice, in a campaign designed to encourage the public to stop and pay attention. The engagement-driving location-based technology would be fantastic for destinations like Knowsley Safari, who have a dedicated education remit. Very simply, each statue has a nearby tag. Passers-by then swipe their smartphone and hey presto, their phone rings. And it’s Queen Victoria on the line. Or Peter Pan, or L S Lowry, delivering an educational message, packed with humour, to engage and breathe new life into the story-telling process.

Waitrose adjusts bricks-and-mortar strategy to target the “transumer”


Waitrose is developing a network of one-stop mini outlets to service the  “transumer” – or travelling consumer.  Recognising this growing market as high street shopping declines, they are  opening stores near stations and other travel hubs rather than in town centres. Despite their tiny size, these bricks-and-mortar outlets will have on-site bakeries, as well as snacks, ready meals, everyday basics and fresh fruit and vegetables. Furthermore they are installing lockers at tube stations and at Gatwick airport for customers to pick up goods ordered online.

Snapchat set to cash in


Through – you guessed it – advertising.  Snapchat Discover is scheduled for launch in November and will show adverts and video clips. Our advice? If you’re a brand looking to target the youth market and still umming-and-ahhing about using Snapchat – put your fears aside and establish your presence now. Make the most of it while brand activity is free and build up a community, so that if they develop any Facebook-style algorithms that penalise brand activity, you’re at least operating from more than a standing start.

Google to develop online accounts for under-13s


According to rumours, Google is working on a version of YouTube, specifically aimed at under 13s. To counter privacy criticism, this platform will allow parents to control the content that  their children see, plus supervise information on their offspring collected by Google. The potential launch is great news for brands looking to engage a very difficult market to reach.  Especially because if Google is successful, this move could see other social media sites like Facebook follow suit. We’ll keep you posted.


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