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August 19, 2014

The USB business card is here


Do you still hand out business cards in this digital age? If you are seeking out an alternative that’s just a little bit more 21st century, it may have arrived in the shape of Swivelcard. This is a paper business card that also includes a USB interface that can be inserted directly into a USB port, sending the user direct to a webpage of your choosing. You can also track its usage, to see who is engaging with you after meeting you. They are not cheap at the moment at more than £1 per card, but what price innovation? More here.

Jetpac puts Google in the picture


Google are ramping up their ability to determine search data from photos with the acquisition of the team behind the popular app Jetpac. Jetpac uses public Instagram data to determine things like the happiest or drunkest city, or bars popular with 30-something women or hipsters in a given location. It does this by using clues from photos posted in specific areas to provide a context to that location. So in the near future, a google search should be able to provide actual information about what is going on in a particular location, far beyond showing you a Google map. More here.

App targets healthy shoppers


Shoppers may soon be able to pick a healthier alternative to every item in their supermarket basket thanks to a new app. Food Switch is a smartphone app that scans barcodes, checks for levels of salt, fat and sugar – and suggests healthier alternatives. The app currently has 100,000 entries in its database, but is expanding to include all major supermarkets, following its success in winning a contest run by Public Health England. More here.

Samsung moves into internet of things


Samsung are taking steps to enable us to control all of our home devices online with the purchase of start-up SmartThings for $200million. SmartThings connects smartphones and apps to home devices, the much-talked about internet of things that is just around the corner in offering everyone a new way to control their lives. More here.

Appetite for apps on the wane


It seems smartphone users aren’t as crazy for apps as they once were. Research from Deloitte has shown that a third of smartphone users in the UK don’t download any new apps in a typical month. The average number of apps downloaded on a monthly basis has decreased considerably in 2014. Almost nine in 10 people also say that they never spend money on apps. More here.


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