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Apprenticeships or University…

Nowadays there seems to be so much pressure from a young age about what route people take when it comes to leaving college.

I’m Beth and I’m currently a Junior Content Producer apprentice with The Juice Academy at Democracy.  I knew from a young age that university wasn’t for me, however as it came closer to finishing college I started to doubt my decision, that was until I discovered apprenticeships. 

What is an industry apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are organised into different sectors depending on the industry you’re planning on going into. There are lots of options available so there’s nearly every career available. A few examples of these can include: Business & Administration, Creative Media & Arts, Financial, Health, Public Services and Sport. Different industries will have differing levels of competitiveness. 

How is an apprenticeship different to university?

An apprenticeship is a combination of on & off-the-job training where people will learn theoretical and practical aspects of a particular career whilst getting paid to work. At the end of an apprenticeship you will finish with a qualification in the industry you were training in. There is also a chance that with apprenticeships, you may be able to stay in the role you’ve been training in after you complete the course – this is dependent on the employer.

However with university, the experience is a lot different. It is based on completing assignments or essays and you are taught in lectures rather than part of on-the-job training.

People learn in many different ways and apprenticeships are a lot different to a university degree, so it’s about finding the right option that suits you.

Skills learnt in an apprenticeship

The skills learnt in an apprenticeship will differ between industries. You will learn skills and gain expertise in the industry you are working in as well as other general skills such as project management, time management, communication, team-working and independence.


In summary, whether you favour apprenticeships over university, it is always important to research the career you want to go in. Qualifications are still relevant and every industry is different, some are more fast-paced than others therefore it is crucial to keep up with trends and the ever-changing landscape.

To anyone unsure about university, I’d definitely recommend apprenticeships. There is no ‘one size fits all’ and it’s definitely down to personal preference!

By Beth Armstead, Junior Content Producer – Democracy PR


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