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All onboard – the importance of starting the journey right

Making the right first impression

Onboarding is the first crucial step in any new agency/client relationship. Like the start of any relationship, we all want to begin on the right foot and build solid foundations together.

As strategic partners, a smart onboarding process sets the stage for good communication, high productivity, and a successful and enjoyable time together.


There are few things more important in life than the connection we share with others. Even in today’s virtual world, people still do business with people – and most often people that they like. 

At Democracy we begin every new relationship by not only getting to understand the business we are working with, but also the people behind the business. Only then can we identify opportunities and understand the challenges that they are facing.

We work best when we are true partners to clients – and an essential part of our onboarding process is to ensure we have built rapport so that clients feel that we understand and support them personally.

Equally important is that all our clients feel that they really know and understand us too. They know who is who in our agency, who does what and most importantly they know that we care about their business as much as they do, they’re our number one priority.

Time to dig deep

We guarantee that we will have already done our homework before we do our first deep-dive session. Our Strategy and Insights team research the public sentiment around your brand, what your competitors are doing and what opportunities there may be in your sector.

This initial face to face session gets to the root of what you really want to achieve. We will spend time in your business to get under the skin of what you do, to meet your people and see what sets you apart. 

Collaboration and transparency is key to success. We’ll ask hard questions and challenge your beliefs to sense check what a successful PR campaign will look and feel like to you.

We will uncover news stories, creative ideas and new commercial opportunities that you may not have known even existed. And, we may even ask for you to share your business plan with us so we can align our support to your ambitions and help fast track growth.

It is only with this knowledge that we will be able to develop a commercial PR strategy that will achieve your business goals and deliver a measurable return on investment.

We’re a team

As part of the onboarding process we will also take the time to align with SEO, PPC and other in-house and agency marketing disciplines for a truly joined up approach.

Together we will set up monitoring and communications tools — shared document and file platforms, messaging, project management and collaboration tools, and other protocols for working together to ensure all outward facing communication is consistent and on message.

Metrics that matter

Evaluation is the backbone of everything we do and we will work with you to set KPIs and metrics that matter to you. We are unapologetically commercial in our approach and will agree what success looks and feels like together to ensure we’re aligned with your business goals.

Not all PR agencies are created equally

By the end of the onboarding process you should feel 100 percent confident that the team you’ve hired will do a great job. You should be excited to begin the campaign and be proud to have your agency as part of your extended team. After all, they’re going to be representing your business to the media. The relationship should feel like it is going to be fun, enriching and add real value to your day-to-day work life, as well as your bottom line.









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