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7 July, 2014

Spain trials contactless payment wristband

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Spain’s CaixaBank has launched the first wristband to act as a contactless payment card.

Just like a contactless payment card, the band enables low value transactions, offers the same level of security protection and is to be accepted by more than 30,000 Spanish retailers. What’s more it’s waterproof, solving the age old problem of what you do with your money when you’re on the beach!

This wristband does not require pre-loading and is destined to come to the UK if the trial is successful.


Twitter signals move to shopping with ‘Buy Now’ button?

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 19.18.59

On Monday multiple tweets featured a ‘buy now’ button. The jury is out as to whether this was an experiment or an accidental release; nothing actually happened when you pressed the button, and the button could only be viewed on the mobile versions of the platform. However it looks like shopping within your twitter Timeline is not far away.


New metric reveals reach of a Vine

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 09.23.28

Vine videos now include a ‘loop count’ – a metric similar to YouTube views – which automatically updates when the video is played.

While the success of a Vine should continue to take into account re-vines and Likes as indicators of approval, the loop count allows brands to see how widespread a video is.


Google decides the rules, again

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 20.01.10

It was only five minutes ago when Google responded to the ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling by embarking on a deleting spree of the 250,000 requested. Now these links have been reinstated following the public outcry to what many deemed censorship of the internet.

While we understand that this is new territory for Google and that rightly, they should be responding appropriately to the voice of the people, it’s scary for brands to note how Google polices the internet. Between this and unannounced Pandas, they decide the rules on ranking. What was right yesterday may fall foul tomorrow and we lie evermore in their seemingly arbitrary hands.


In-built technology takes the Mini Adventure to the max


Mini Cooper US has developed the car’s operating system so drivers can take videos and photos with an inbuilt Go Pro camera. The functions within the dashboard allow the driver to operate with a joystick, so they can concentrate on the road – while capturing photos and film high-speed road action. This is perfect for sharing with consumers the experience of destinations like safari parks. But perhaps might fall under the critique of road safety organisations like Brake where the operation may still drag your attention from the wheel.





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