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30 June, 2014

LinkedIn launches publishing platform


LinkedIn users have been receiving invitations to publish on the platform over the past couple of weeks. The idea of the new publishing tool is that users post blogs and original content on the platform, rather than anywhere else. The benefits? The main one seems to be that your posts will be seen and shared among your LinkedIn connections, enhancing your personal and brand profile and – hopefully – lead to more business. So all that hard work you have put in to building up your LinkedIn network can now be put to a practical use. LinkedIn is also scanning its publishing tool to pick up engaging and popular posts, to share on its Pulse reader platform, which will instantly make a huge impact on the reach of your blog. Read more here

Facebook flak for feed fix


Should you trust everything you see in your Facebook feed? It appears not as the social network has had to apologise for manipulating the feeds of almost 700,000 users as part of a scientific study. Back in 2012, Facebook deliberately featured more positive or negative stories in the feeds of these test users as part of a study to discover if the emotions of those on your timeline affect your own emotions. There has been a massive backlash over this from the online community, however Facebook has insisted it was for a legitimate scientific study to make its service better. However, as we know that 30% of Americans rely on their FB feed to access the news, this posts worrying questions about what other studies FB may be involved in now and in the future. Read more here

Google’s Panda isn’t cuddly


The impact of Google’s latest Panda update – 4.0 – has been felt across many brands, as Google’s test for the true authority of a site just got more refined. Among those to suffer have been the review site Trustpilot and also PR Newswire, both of which found their listings condemned to the darkness of the eighth or ninth page of search results. This has been the first Panda update in more than a year and is more sophisticated in its hunt for original content – and detection of duplication and spam. The feedback from online experts is that – with a few exceptions – this algorithm update is much better at detecting the true authority of a site. Read more here

First Android Wear watches go on sale


The first smartwatches powered by Google’s Android Wear technology are now available. Costing £159, the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live both feature rectangular screens, sync with your smartphone and are voice controlled using the ‘OK Google’ command also used by Google Glass. The watches look smart and have the functionality to give them the potential to become the next step in our use of technology in everyday life. Read more here

Is Buzzfeed watching?


Buzzfeed has had to clarify that it doesn’t collect personal data from those who take part in its oh-so-shareable quizzes. The site came under attack after an analytics expert Dan Barker claimed that Buzzfeed was sitting on a mountain of user data compiled from five minute time-wasters such as ‘how privileged are you?’ or ‘which city should you live in?’. His blog post entitled ‘Buzzfeed is watching’ forced the site to state publicly that it had no interest in personal user data. Read more here



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