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12 August, 2014

1. Facebook bans ‘Page Like’ incentivisation

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Facebook has made an important change to its Platform Policy: brands can no longer run competitions or develop apps that ask users to ‘like’ a page in order to enter, play or use.  Brands have until 5th November to amend any apps currently in use.  Facebook clearly wants pages to grow organically – or they have a new advertising plan in development!


2. Pay rent via Facebook


Advances in payment technology continue. Salix Homes, a Salford-based housing trust has launched a secure Facebook app which allows tenants to pay rent as well as report damage and raise issues. The tool has been developed in recognition that while the majority of its tenants are not that active on the web in general, over 40% are extremely active on Facebook.


3. Drivers use dashboard to pay for services


The drive towards the connected car – a future where motoring brands can continue to make money after the vehicle has been sold -has cranked up a gear. JustPark, which lets customers find and pay for parking spaces, has just launched the first app that lets drivers buy services from their dashboard. BMW is one of their biggest investors.


4. Brits use smart devices for longer than they sleep


Led by the “millennium generation”, the average adult spends eight hours and 41 minutes on communication devices. Ofcom’s study found that because people use several devices at the same time, total use of media averages more than 11 hours a day. This is an increase of more than two hours since Ofcom first conducted equivalent research in 2010.


5. The rise and rise of instant messaging


300 billion instant messages are expected to be sent throughout 2014 in the UK alone – double the amount sent last year. While texting is still popular, with the average Brit sending seven texts a day, instant messaging is now prolific with Brits sending 46 instant messages every 24 hours. What’s more, almost a quarter of smartphone owners are using five or more messaging apps to achieve this communication steam.


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