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04, November 2014

Drupal Bug:

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 14.39.19

A bug has hit the widely used Drupal open source software, with up to 12 million websites potentially affected.

Drupal issued a warning, announcing that if users did not apply a patch for the bug, they should “assume” they’ve already been hacked. The announcement also stated that ‘simply updating to Drupal 7.32 will not remove backdoors’.

Once a Drupal site has been compromised, the site is ‘open’ to attackers to change and update it to suit their desires, whether that is hijacking data, altering content – it is all damaging to your business.

It has been advised that people who are managing Drupal sites should carry out the updates immediately.

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Spain’s Google Tax:


The Spanish government has recently passed a new law that enforces fees for online aggregators such as Google News.

The ‘Google Tax’ as it is known, means that post links and excerpts of news articles used for Google must pay the Association of Editors of Spanish Dailies, the organisation representing Spanish newspapers, with failure to stump up the cash resulting in a fine of up to €600,000.

The ruling is apparently set to protect the country’s print media industry, although a similar law pushed through in Germany resulted in Google removing the newspapers involved from Google News altogether, only to relist them following a request from publishers as their traffic plummeted – the power of Google.

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Phones 4 Everything:


Hotel company Starwood, with headquarters based in Connecticut, US, is giving guests the opportunity to skip the annoyance of a faulty room key card by providing the option to by-pass check-in and use smartphones to enter their hotel rooms.

30,000 rooms in the chain’s portfolio have now been updated with the locking system that uses Bluetooth technology to unlock the doors. The Hilton chain is now planning a similar move for 2015.

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Facebook Updates Pics:


Facebook has updated its photo uploading system within the app, allowing users a new way to update, organise and post photos from smartphones. Small batches of photos can now be uploaded through the iPhone or Android Apps with a quick preview of how the post will look – you can then hold and drag images into new orders and positions allowing a stronger sense of storytelling through images. Up to 30 photos, tagged and captioned etc, can be uploaded at one time. Photos then appear in the app’s new collage style layout. This new update shows again the importance that social sharing platforms are placing on image led content and the stories we can all tell through them.

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Google Material:

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 14.41.31

Android users may have seen recent design updates over the past few months as Google makes its move toward a new ‘look’ known as “Material Design”, that aims to provide consistency for users. The new design is highlighted on Android’s latest upgrade – 5.0 or Lollipop – and will soon be rolled out to desktops, TV and wearables, providing (as Google says) a “kind of cohesiveness (that) breeds visual harmony.” Updates in ‘Material’ will also include functionality updates and consistency of colour palette and typography, tying the brand together throughout all screen options.

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