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Talk Social: 9 February, 2016

Will algorithm be the death of twitter?


Read all about the death of twitter? News that the social media platform is to introduce an algorithm to its feed, in line with the way Facebook presents stories to users, led to the hashtag #RIPtwitter trending over the weekend.

While many users will be disappointed and outraged at the move, in practice it’s not going to be that much different.

Twitter already presents a ‘while you were away’ feature when you log on and the new algorithm is, in a nutshell, an expansion of that. Stay away for a day and you will be presented with highlights from the past 24 hours when you go back. However, if it’s only a few hours, it will be just a handful of tweets.

Of course, the reason behind the move is all about twitter expanding its user base to make it more attractive to advertisers. But by breaking up conversations and placing tweets out of context, will they be able to take the people with them? Wait and see.

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The $1million emoji

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 17.09.38

However, there are some areas where twitter is bang on trend and getting it right. One of these is emojis. Premium advertising packages being offered to big brands now include their own custom emojis that will run for the duration of any promoted tweets, trends or moments.

Companies willing to pay up to seven figures for their own emojis include Budweiser and Pepsi, which both tied in campaigns around last week’s Superbowl in the US.

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Applause: A company of influence


A buzzword that is already dominating 2016’s tech talk is ‘influencer’. These prized individuals who have the power via their social media channels to sway consumer behaviour are being courted by brands of all shapes and sizes.

Now the first start up to give influencers collective bargaining power has appeared in the US. Called Applause, it is pinning its hopes on the power of Periscope, with a stable of stars, each of whom boasts a large following on the livestreaming app.

Initial campaigns for brands such as Warner Brothers and Starwood hotels has seen live viewing figures of up to 20,000, with tens of thousands more in the following days.

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Links to boost Snapchat visibility


Brands seeking to get more engagement for their posts on Snapchat will benefit from two new developments. First, Snapchat’s media partners can now deep link to their content on other platforms, such as Facebook or twitter. The second is that profile pages can now also be deep-linked from other apps direct to Snapchat. Both developments will enhance the likelihood of users accessing Snapchat content.

However, new research shows that the much sought-after Generation Z demographic of Snapchat users still don’t care much for brands. A survey of users revealed that 54 per cent never watch content on the Discover channel, 87 per cent never buy anything they see promoted on Snapchat, 64 per cent don’t follow any celebrities and 23 per cent never watch any Live Stories.

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Multiple account switching comes to Insta


Brand managers running Instagram accounts for themselves as well as their brand can now seamlessly switch between the two after Instagram launched a test to allow multiple account switching.

The appeal to Instagram is to allow young users who run multiple ‘real’ and ‘fake’ accounts to spend longer on the platform.

After all, the longer they dwell, the more adverts they can be served.

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