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Talk Social: 9 August, 2016

Introducing Instagram Stories

We’ve been playing around with Instagram Stories – the latest update from Instagram (and very similar to the features available on Snapchat).

With Stories people get the option to see what you’ve shared (image or video) and that content is available for 24 hours – so you don’t have to worry about overposting and annoying your followers.

We’re challenging each other to create the best piece of content using the tool this week – if you fancy joining in then get your best efforts over to us by Monday morning and let us know what you think!

More here.

New Twitter Instant Unlock Cards

Twitter Instant Unlock Cards

‘Instant Unlock’ Cards encourage people to tweet about a brand in order to earn rewards such as a movie trailer or an exclusive piece of content and drive conversations.

Although Twitter don’t exactly shout about their Twitter cards they can be used effectively as part of paid or organic campaign to increase engagement, generate leads and drive web traffic. If it’s not part of your existing twitter plan, then it’s one to consider.

More here.

Social media displaces phone calls and emails in the UK

Social media by age

Do you use social media now to complain to a brand for their poor customer service or do you phone the 0800 number that they encourage you to use?

A recent study by Ofcom has found that teens and young adults spend the majority of their time communicating via social media on their mobile devices instead of phone calls and emails.

And those in the know (the serial complainers) appreciate that a well placed tweet to a press office can deliver a swifter response than any call centre. This far more public way of complaining makes planning for digital reputation management business critical.

Read the full results here.

Reconsider those Social Media posts about the Olympics

Rio de Janeiro

Planning an Olympic inspired campaign …. a gentle reminder that you must be very careful when posting about the Olympics as businesses all face potential lawsuits if we don’t follow the strict guidelines provided by the Olympic committee.

Every global event has their issues, from the World Cup to Olympics, they provide strict guidelines that make sure you aren’t able to use or create content mentioning aspects of the Olympics to benefit your business.

The full details on what to look out for and how to structure posts are available here.

Facebook taking more inspiration from Snapchat

Facebook photo filters

Facebook this week added more features to attempt to entice the younger social media users from Snapchat. At present the new features are only available in Canada and Brazil but it’s an indication of things to come from Facebook by adding photo filters.

Snapchat filters are really taking off, with brands even using them to provide sponsored content. Expect to see these new features available in the UK very soon but will Facebook make it as easy as their advertising platform to provide sponsored content on photo filters?

More here.


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