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Talk Social: 8th January, 2019

Instagram accidentally rolls out tap based feed

The big social media news everyone was talking about over the holidays was undoubtedly Instagram mistakenly rolling out a massive change to their feed. For a few hours on December 27th, users discovered their traditional scroll based news feed was replaced by a Story-esque tap-to-advance feed.

Instagram later tweeted this was a mistake triggered by a ‘bug’ and it had quickly fixed the issue.

However, this is unlikely to be the last we hear about a tap-to-progress Instagram feed, with many commentators speculating a permanent change may be coming in 2019.

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Twitter brings back the reverse-chronological feed

Twitter users are rejoicing as they can once again restore their feed to display the most recent tweets firsts.

Two years after phasing out chronological based timelines in favour of an algorithm based approach, Twitter has updated its app with the ability for people to toggle their feeds between an algorithm curated display and one purely based the time of tweets being posted.

The company say this move recognises the fact that Twitter is more useful in real time, especially during live events and with breaking news.

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YouTube expands partnership with Coachella

YouTube has announced its plans to stream live performances from both weekends of American music festival Coachella.

Previously YouTube has streamed select performances from the festival. This year it will stream performances across both weekends along with ‘curated live experiences’, such as behind the scenes footage and artist profiles.

The partnership between the companies will also involve playlist integration on the Coachella site and festival app and in YouTube Music.

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Facebook adds new call-to-action stickers to Stories

Despite Facebook Stories not growing to the essential part of the platform as they have on Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook continues to invest with new updates to the feature.

Facebook has released a new set of CTA stickers for Pages that will allow business to make better use the feature and illicit a more direct response from their audience. The new stickers include actions such as ‘shop now’, ‘book now’, ‘call now’ and ‘get directions’.

Although at this moment, it remains to be seen how useful Facebook Stories will be to a marketing strategy, with these CTA stickers it is worth more consideration.

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Time for Alexa

Amazon’s Echo Wall Clock is now for sale in America for $30. It works by connecting to an Alexa device in your home and then functions as a display for timers in a more visible way. The clock uses a ring of LED lights around the clock face to show active timers.

As an added bonus, the clock also automatically updates for daylight savings.

It is currently not available in the UK market but Amazon does have plans to bring it European market soon.

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