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Talk Social: 7 August, 2018

Book of Love… Facebook Dating tested internally among staff

Facebook is testing its upcoming dating features internally, using its single employees as guinea pigs.

The news was revealed by independent app researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, who uncovered the test by examining the source code. The new feature will exist within Facebook itself and active users will only be visible to others who have also activated it.  Users can browse potential matches based on Facebook data and when you’re ready to make contact, you can do so over Messenger or WhatsApp. Love is in the air…


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WhatsApp to roll out video and voice group calling

WhatsApp has added group calling for up to four people using video and voice. WhatsApp has assured us that group calls will always be end-to-end encrypted and will “work reliably around the world in different network conditions.” The feature is currently rolling out on the iPhone and Android versions of WhatsApp.

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Speech, speech…. Snapchat launches voice-activated Lens

Snapchat has rolled out a new type of lens that reacts to a set of programmed voice commands. For example, saying “hi” in the new lens will launch an animation where a flock of birds will swoop down and start chatting; the word “love” will trigger cheesy jazz music; and saying “wow” puts a bow on your head and surrounds you with stickers.

Reports are that five or six of these new lenses will be available on the platform within the next week.

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YouTube improves the way you can view videos on desktop

YouTube has updated the way videos of different aspect ratios are presented on desktop.

The video player now automatically adapts to provide “the best viewing experience” based on the video’s aspect ratio and your computer’s screen and browser size.

Previously, videos with 4:3, square and vertical dimensions would play with black bars on either side. Now, the video will be enlarged to fit the visible space.

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Facebook and Instagram reveal new time management tool

New tools are coming to Facebook and Instagram to help users keep track and manage the amount of time they spend on the platform.

These include an activity dashboard that shows your average time spent on the app, the ability to set an alert when you’ve reached a self-imposed time limit and options to better manage push notifications.

These updates are are due to roll out imminently.

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