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Talk Social: 6 September, 2016

Facebook speeds up mobile ads


Facebook has introduced a new feature to speed up the servicing of ads on its platform.

Called ‘pre-fetching’, the process promises to speed up the playing of ads by up to eight seconds by pre-loading mobile content before a link is clicked.

This is bringing to the ad world what Instant Articles brought to publishers on Facebook, the ability for users to have a super fast, almost uninterrupted, service as they click from their news feed into articles and adverts.

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Friends mean so much to FB


Staying with FB, the tailoring of users’ news feeds with friends’ content taking priority has received another tweak.

The platform is testing a new feature called ‘What friends are talking about’, which curates in one box the highlights of a user’s ‘top’ friends posts.

This latest initiative to get users to interact and react to one another is part of the wider campaign to prioritise friends’ posts over brands in news feeds.

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Zoom time for Instagram


Instagram users have been reacting favourably to the introduction of a zoom feature on images.

The picture sharing network has been criticised for its lack of a feature to magnify images, particularly as it has grown in popularity.

Initially only available for Apple users, an Android version is said to be coming soon.

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Where do brands get most joy on social?


Brands seeking engagement in the world of social media would be well advised to take to Instagram if they haven’t already.

A new survey of user trends has found that more people follow and engage with brands on the photo-sharing network than rivals like Facebook or twitter.

In a poll by Global Web Index, 53 per cent of those asked said they were likely to follow brands on Instagram, followed by 50 per cent on twitter and 44 per cent preferring Facebook.

With Facebook squeezing brands out of the organic space and requiring them to pay for reach and twitter being seen as a customer service channel , it’s Instagram that is benefiting from its visual mediumĀ and the impact that brings to brands.

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Pinterest offers new targeting

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest is boosting its appeal to brands by letting advertisers target users who interact with brand-related pins.

With three quarters of pins now related to brands, this new data opens up a new world of targeting to advertisers.

Pinterest has introduced the feature after its own data revealed that users who interact with a brand-related pin are then more than twice as likely to buy a product from that brand.

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