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Talk Social: 3 May, 2016

Facebook releases conversation data

talk social facebook

Facebook has released the first of a new monthly series of reports called ‘Topics To Watch’ to give brands insight into what conversations are dominating on the platform.

Not only does it provide a breakdown of the most popular conversation topics, but also shows how it is increasing over time and what demographics are engaging with it.

Facebook believes that by releasing these data insights, it will be able to drive more conversations on Facebook. Crucially, for brands, it could help shape the content they post on Facebook in order to maximise reach.

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FB ready to launch camera app

Talk social facebook camera

The drive to get people talking and sharing more on Facebook is not confined to the sharing of data.

The social giant is also believed to be ready to launch a new camera app to rival Snapchat.

The app has been developed in an attempt to get users engaging more and steal some of the popularity of Snapchat in particular, which is now boasting 10 billion daily video views on its platform.

Users will be able to take still shots and video and upload or live stream directly to Facebook. The app does not yet have a name or a launch date.

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Top tips for tweets

talk social twitter

Facebook are not the only ones using data to increase the effectiveness of social media posts.

Twitter this week released a nine point plan for better tweeting.

The points were collated following analysis of 9,000 direct response ad campaigns by brands to identify the words, length and details that generate the best response.

It makes for fascinating reading, with the sweet spot in terms of character count being 40-60, a sense of new and urgent prompting strongest responses and to use fewer hashtags when posting. Social media managers everywhere could gain useful knowledge from the full report.

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Google’s bionic eye project

talk social google

A story guaranteed to make everyone go ‘eurgh’ has emerged from Google, where they have patented technology that will allow them to inject a hard drive and antenna into a human eyeball.

The tech is being pioneered to provide ‘bionic’ sight to those who have lost their vision.

The device will get its power from the antenna and be able to communicate via radio waves.

Does this also mean everyone with one fitted would be trackable? And that Google could see what you see? This raises so many questions…

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Get the message with Franz

talk social franz

People struggling with too many messaging apps may like the look of new app Franz.

Franz gathers together a user’s Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype, Hangouts and more in the one place, to save you toggling between multiple accounts and apps to keep up to date.

You get notifications of new messages from a single place, rather than many different pings from different apps and the convenience of having everything housed in the one place has real appeal for those who spend their days trying to keep across lots of different windows.

It’s being hailed as the next best thing to having a single, universal messaging app. See for yourself.

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