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Talk Social: 28 January, 2016

Friends in need?


Brands seeking large-scale Facebook engagement can learn a lot from a new study by anthropologist Dr Robin Dunbar.

Dunbar studied 3,375 UK Facebook users between the ages of 18 and 65. On average, the users had 150 followers but said that they could only count on 4.1 of them during an ’emotional crisis’, and only 13.6 ever express sympathy.

As the number of global monthly users of the platform smashes the 1 billion barrier, this low level of interaction tallies with Dunbar’s take on real life personal relationships – that each of us has limited time and emotional capacity for social interaction, whether we’re online or not.

So next time your brilliant branded content delivers slightly lower engagement than you were hoping for, this may be the reason why.

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Facebook targeting refined


Staying with Facebook, a new post-specific audience targeting tool has been launched that enables publishers to direct posts to the most relevant audience.

Audience Optimization offers options for preferred audience and audience restrictions, allowing publishers to select users with interests who they’d like to read their post or eliminate certain interests.

This is a development from audience targeting, which targeted specific interests among your followers. Audience Targeting claims to deliver broader reach.

Audience Optimization is being rolled out to all English language Pages over the next week – if your Page has more than 5,000 likes, the Audience Optimization features will be automatically turned on and you’ll be able to begin adding tags to your posts. If you’re audience is smaller than 5,000, you’ll have to turn the feature on under Page settings.

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Game on between FB and twitter


Lots of FB news this week. Facebook Sports Stadium is a new feature that includes live coverage of big sporting events, alongside user comments, photos and statistics.

This is Facebook’s attempt to muscle in to the live event aspect of social, that is dominated by twitter. Snapchat also offers big events in its Live Stories section, but given Facebook’s dominance this new feature is expected to be a success.

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Too busy to share? Google to the rescue


Google has patented an automated system for sharing social links.

To speed up the process of sharing, the Google patent suggests different phrases for a user to choose from when sharing a link, with a list of relevant hashtags.

I know we’re all busy, but how much time will this really save?

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