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Talk Social: 26 February, 2019

Instagram adds fundraising stickers

Instagram is currently testing a new sticker which would let charities and non-profit organisations add a ‘donate’ button to Stories.

Users who see the sticker would then need to input bank details before donating. The payment details would then be stored for users to give again on future occasions.

The sticker could feasibly be expanded to allow for personal donations to causes, along the lines of GoFundMe and Just Giving.

Potentially, this could also be a step closer to e-commerce stickers, which would allow brands and influencers the ability to sell products directly through Stories.

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Facebook integrates Instagram inbox into Messenger

Facebook page admins can now receive and respond to direct messages from a linked Instagram business account from their Facebook page inbox.

This update comes a month after Facebook announced it had begun work to integrate the messaging services of Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger so they all share the same inbox.

At the time, Facebook stated that the project would require thousands of staff many months of work to reconfigure the apps and, as such, it would not be completed until 2020.

This smaller scale integration between business Facebook and Instagram messaging services shows how the company is already setting the scene for a larger app unification.

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Following Pinterest’s decision to file as public, Instagram has begun testing a Pinterest-esque feature.

An examination of the Instagram code for Android has revealed a prototype feature which allows users to create public ‘Collections’. These would work in the same way as ‘Boards’ on Pinterest; users could bundle together their favorite feed posts in one visible location.

This resembles Instagram’s response to when Snapchat went public; the company launched their own version on Stories. This is believed to have been a damaging blow for Snapchat’s growth and overall profits.

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Instagram reveal new updates to IGTV

Less than two weeks rolling out short preview videos in users main feed, Instagram has now launched a new set of updates to IGTV.

These include an updated layout, improved search capacity and a suggested video channel. It has also been revealed that Instagram is testing a picture-in-picture function for IGTV which will work even outside the app.

Instagram will hope this refresh gives IGTV a much-needed boost with the feature still being unpopular with many users.

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New report on social benchmarks

Rival IQ have published their report on current social media benchmarks.

The results were based on data collected from 180 business across the top 12 sectors. Together the full dataset that spans more than 1.6 million Facebook posts, 600,000 Instagram updates and 2.4 million tweets.

Stats included the average engagement rate of an organic Facebook post as now 0.09%. This is down on the previous years figure on 0.16%. Instagram’s average engagement rate was higher at 1.6% and while Twitter’s was lower at 0.048%.

Other stats included in the report included average number of posts per day and top performing hashtags across Instagram and Twitter.

Read the full report here.



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