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Talk Social: 19 February, 2019

Facebook needs new regulations, says MPs

A parliamentary inquiry into fake news has found that Facebook deliberately broke privacy and competition law and must face stronger regulation.

The report from the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee stated that Facebook failed to tackle attempts by Russia to manipulate elections and warned that current British law is ineffective at stopping further foreign interference. It concluded that the Cambridge Analytica scandal was facilitated by Facebook’s privacy policies.

It remains to be seen what new regulations will be brought in and how tighter rules around the sharing of data could impact advertisers on the platform.

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Ninety nine problems but the glitch ain’t one

A glitch caused a sudden drop in many Instagram users follower counts last Wednesday.

While some users noticed a small drop of a few followers, more prominent social media celebrities saw huge losses. Singer Ariana Grande dropped from 145 million to 142 million, while reality TV star Kylie Jenner fell from 127 million to 124 million.

Immediate speculation turned to Instagram removing fake and spam accounts, which has led to large declines on Twitter in the past.

However, Instagram were quick to respond to the uproar, saying that a glitch was causing a change in account follower numbers and they were working to resolve it as soon as possible. By the following day, normal follower numbers were restored.

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Facebook acquires visual shopping startup

Facebook has acquired visual shopping and artificial intelligence startup GrokStyle.

Grokstyle is the company behind the AI technology integrated into Ikea’s mobile app, which allows users to take a picture of a piece of furniture and receive close matches from the store’s online catalogue.

Similar technology could be put to use on Facebook Marketplace, the company’s service for buying and selling items from other users on the social network.

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LinkedIn goes live

LinkedIn is launching a pilot version of live video, giving users and businesses the ability to broadcast real-time videos which can be broadcast to either select groups or the entire platform.

The Facebookesque function is currently only available to a select group of members, who were invited to take part in a trial.

LinkedIn has yet to confirm if the function will be rolled out to all users, stating that this would depend on the feedback from this test period.

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Twitter to launch new Snapchat-style camera

Continuing the theme of all social media channels stealing ideas from each other, Twitter has revealed it is working on a new Snapchat-style camera feature.

The new camera, which will be accessible via swiping from the home screen, will allow users to caption photos and videos, as well as share live events.

Twitter’s code reveals the new function is called ‘News Camera’, suggesting this is intended to inspire citizen journalism, rather than create trivial or light-heated pieces of content as similar tools are used on other platforms.

There is no date as of yet for a rollout of the new camera.

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