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Talk Social: 15th January, 2019

Instagram introduces ‘self regram’

Instagram is adding the ability to publish feed posts across multiple accounts at the same time.

The function is aimed at users who often post to multiple accounts, such as businesses and influencers.

Known as ‘self regram’, users will see this feature appear as they prepare to share a new post if they have multiple accounts set up. This option appears under the section for tagging others and marking the location.

The update is rolling out gradually, so it may not be widely available right away.

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Snap happy

Snapchat has partnered with research agency Murphy to conduct a study of more than 1,000 social media users aged 13 to 44, to learn how each platform makes people feel and why they go there.

The report suggests that Snapchat makes users feel happy, playful and adventurous, while rival Facebook makes users feel overwhelmed, isolated and lonely, leading many commentators to suggest the results include an element of bias.

The report also includes information on how people use different platforms. Snapchat is primarily used for staying connected with friends, while business or product discovery is more associated with platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

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WhatsApp to add new fingerprint recognition feature

WhatsApp is currently testing another layer of security that will prevent other users from accessing your messages.

This biometric authentication feature will require users to scan their fingerprint before reading messages. This can be activated within the app’s privacy setting.

This feature is currently hidden in the Android version so you will not be able to try it out yet. WhatsApp will likely add a similar feature on the iOS version later this year.

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Twitter to launch beta testing app

Twitter is expected to launch a new beta program in the next few weeks in the form of an exclusive app.

The app will only be available to a few thousand users selected by the company. These people will have access to a raft of new features. By reviewing and talking to each other about the updates, Twitter will decide which of the features it wants to take forward and integrate into its main app.

New features reported to be included in the beta app include colour coding types of tweets and tagging tweets with an activity in a way similar to Facebook posts.

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Facebook introduce event Stories

A week after Facebook rolled out call-to-action stickers for Stories, it has unveiled a planned new update to the Stories function.

With the new update you will now be able to share which events you are interested in and co-ordinate to meet up with friends in real time. As Facebook is still the go to app for arranging social events and meet-ups, the new function could prove to be a useful addition to its currently underused Stories function.

The new capabilities are currently just available in the US, Brazil and Mexico but should be available further afield soon.

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