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Talk Social: 14 January, 2016

Penguin picks up pace


Google’s Penguin algorithm is rumoured to have been updated into version 4.0 and ready to be sent live across the internet.

A new version of Penguin – which punishes sites that use spam or unnatural link-building to increase their ranking – has been predicted for the start of 2016. However, there is no confirmation yet from Google when that will happen.

What Google has confirmed is that a new Penguin is imminent and will operate in ‘real time’, with punishments, demotions and promotions happening almost instantly as they are discovered.

Webmasters and site managers are all keeping an even closer eye than usual on their place in the rankings.

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Can an ad be a conversation starter?


Twitter has debuted a new product, aimed at creating more conversation on the platform. Conversational Ads let brands tweet at users, presenting them a choice to click on a call-to-action button that sends a branded tweet. When the user sends their message, they get a thank-you from the brand. The original image or video from the promoted tweet that the brand sends out is also included with the new conversation started by the user.

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Advertising made easier across Facebook and Instagram


Facebook is now offering advertisers the option to upload a separate image for Instagram ads when creating FB ads.

If this feature becomes permanent, it means advertisers will no longer have to create separate ads for different sized images across the platforms.

The move would make sense, as since Instagram advertising is now open for businesses of all sizes, allowing ads to run simply on multiple services may increase revenues and the performance of the adverts themselves.

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Rise of the bots on Messenger


Also from Facebook, the tech giant has granted permission for developers to create a series of bots for its Messenger app.

The purpose is to build interactive experiences within Messenger, as well as to create bots that will facilitate shopping and travel booking transactions.

Messenger users can send text messages directly to these bots, which automatically reply with information, images, location, pricing, buy buttons and other elements, including payment.

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Peach is a sweet success


The newest messaging app to get lots of buzz goes by the name of Peach. Created by the founder of Vine, and promises a slicker engagement experience than any of the major messaging apps out there.

This comes from the inclusion of magic words, that unlock certain feature. For example, if a user types ‘GIF’, they will be prompted to find and share one. If the word ‘draw’ is typed, a doodle or sketch can be posted. Or typing the word ‘song’ lets you share whatever music is playing in the place where you are right now. Friends can then tap on the song to open it in Spotify.

There are currently 20 magic words, with more being developed.

It’s the talk of the internet right now. Be an early adopter and check it out for yourself.

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