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Talk Social: 12 July, 2016

Secret, disappearing conversations launching on Facebook


Facebook is having another go at trying to copy Snapchat’s success with a new trial of disappearing messages.

The messages on Facebook’s Messenger app are being dubbed ‘secret conversations’ and users have to opt in to take part.

The length of time a message remains visible can be set by each user, but whether this appeals enough to tempt users away from Snapchat remains to be seen.

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Snapchat now stores memories


Snapchat, meanwhile, charges on with more and more new features for its ever-expanding user base.

The latest is a ‘memories’ feature which lets users search for and reuse snaps and stories. The exact opposite of the disappearing message USP, in fact.

This way of saving favourite posts to reuse is seen as a way of attracting older users to the platform as they are more inclined to like nostalgia. This, in turn, will woo greater numbers of advertisers.

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Live sport on social media?


The future of sports broadcasting is being glimpsed in the US right now as twitter prepares for live streaming of NFL American football games and reportedly starts talks to cover basketball and soccer, too.

At Wimbledon, twitter live streamed pre-match and post-match segments, as it did not have live rights.

Facebook is also looking at using Facebook Live to cover sport and become a heavyweight broadcaster.

The established networks are having to talk to the social platforms, given their enormous reach, with CNN-owner Turner already in talks with twitter.

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New comment moderation on Instagram


Brands suffering from spam comments on their Instagram pages can now use a new comment moderation tool.

This allows managers to block comments containing offensive words or phrases from appearing on posts. Managers cannot list specific words to be blocked, with the list taken from Instagram’s own list. However, as Insta gains in popularity, more spam is being posted and this does at least allow for some control.

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Mix business and pleasure on Bumble


Business and pleasure can mix as dating app Bumble has expanded to include business networking.

The new BumbleBizz is hoping to be a more casual option to LinkedIn, showing matches by job role and sector to pair like-minded people.

Users then swipe to dismiss or show interest in potential business matches.

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