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Talk Social: 12 February, 2019

IGTV has just become harder to ignore

Instagram’s has begun to push IGTV on to users’ main feeds.

The long form video service, which was launched last year to take on YouTube and woo content creators, will now no longer be contained within a separate feature of the Instagram app.

Previews of videos will appear in your main feed when someone you follow posts a new video to IGTV. These previews will compose of a short clip cut from the video along with a link to watch the full video.

Instagram hopes this will give IGTV a much-needed boost with the new feature being unpopular with many users.

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German courts rule that Facebook violates personal data rules

Germany’s anti-monopoly regulator has ordered Facebook to no longer combine data harvested from users Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook accounts without consent.

After a three year investigation, the court announced it will give the company 12 months to change its policies. After which, Facebook will need to obtain a users’ explicit consent before combining their data.

This will affect social network’s ability to target adverts and potentially cost the company a lot of money and time as they split out its data points and gather users permissions.

This ruling comes weeks after Facebook announced it was considering to unify WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, so they all share one inbox. A key reason Facebook may be looking at this merger is to avoid this type of regulation – if all three platforms are unified it would be impossible to separate out its data points.

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Instagram to remove self-harm images.

Instagram is to ban all self-harm images from its platform following the controversy over 14 year old Molly Russell, whose father blamed the platform for her suicide.

After months of criticism from politicians and charities for its failure to tackle self harm imagery, Instagram has announced a new set of regulations relating to images of self harm.

It remains to be seen how effective the regulations will be. It is unlikely Instagram’s machine learning systems will be sophisticated enough to pick out scars in images. Instead the measures would rely on users to report images which Instagram would need to manually approve or deny.

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Twitter switch to a new metric

After announcing another decline in total active users in its last performance report, Twitter  has decided to stop reporting on it and instead introduce a new metric.

Twitter accounts for the continual decline in monthly active users over the past year to its ongoing efforts to remove spammers and automated bots from its platform. As such, Twitter believes the drop does not indicate a decline in genuine users.

Going forward, the company will now switch to the metric ‘mDAU’ or ‘Monetizable Daily Active Users’. This is the total number of users eligible for receiving ads.

The figures for this metric paint a more positive picture for the social network, with the total of mDAUs up 11million worldwide over the past year.

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Instagram users can now share a link to Stories

Instagram is rolling out a new option which would enable users to share a direct link back to an Instagram Story.

To copy the link, users just need to click the options menu of the Story they’ve shared and select ‘Share link to entire story’. The link can then be shared in anyway, such as being embedded into a website or as destination URL for a social media advert.

As all Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, many businesses don’t see it as a worthwhile investment. By making it easier to direct people to the story in this way, businesses will have more options for boosting a Story’s reach and engagement.

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