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Facebook Democracy

We all know that Facebook has gone through a bit of a sticky patch in the social space. A few questionable decisions about formatting and some rather heavy handed Terms and Conditions has left many feeling that the site has forgotten the power of the public.

Realising that a community cannot work without democracy, Facebook has published two documents;

1. The Facebook Principles, stating all things to do with building their sense of community and
2. The Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, detailing your rights on Facebook, content ownership and privacy issues.

The Facebook democracy has been given 30 days to comment on the suggested new governance statements, professional auditors Ernst & Young have been brought in to ensure transparency, and the revised editions are due to be published on April 16th.

It doesn’t stop there: from the 23rd of April Facebook will be encouraging users to vote on changes to Facebook via an application.

Every successful business understands that their success is based on what their public (or their democracy) thinks and feels about them. Facebook, a former champion of the social space, simply appeared to forget.

These latest actions, although a little late in the day, are a good start – so long as they publicise that people have a right to choose.

Here’s to democracy.


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