What we're saying

Day One…

So here we are. A new Democracy – and a whole new blog. Think of it as a bit like dress-down Friday. An honest representation of who we are.

This is our opportunity to share with you our thoughts and opinions: what’s new in the world of PR? What’s it like to start a new business? And life in the centre of the shark tank that is Manchester’s PR community!

This isn’t a one way conversation though. Although still a work in progress, soon you’ll be able to add in your comments and thoughts to our opinions. The good, the bad and the ugly.

First up, to those who say there’s no room for another PR agency: if there wasn’t a need, we wouldn’t be here.

We’re going through an internet revolution and companies are crying out for someone who can show them how to work with social media.

Guide them through the maze and start new conversations with their various publics. The only way to take part is to get involved – and that’s exactly what we do. If your current PR agency doesn’t, then it’s time to start asking questions.

By the time we’re done with you, blogging, podcasting and vodcasting will be as familiar PR tools as the trusty press release. These are the methods people are using to communicate their opinions.

So either take part or miss out.

Don’t be a stranger – come back, share your thoughts, get involved.


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